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In art and objects of common life there is an unconscious tendency towards the golden proportion in aesthetic choices. An idea of ​​implicit harmony hidden by the concept of a superior aesthetic linked by the golden section, finding evidence in nature and in the proportions of the human body and resulting in unconditioned harmony.

The Phi Collection is therefore conceived based on the numbers deriving from the golden section given by the ratio between two unequal lengths of which the greater is the proportional average between the shorter and the sum of the two, this ratio is ϕ = 1.61803398874989… irrational number given by an infinite continued fraction.

Rationalism and Proportion are the characteristic elements of the Phi Collection, made up of geometric elements proportional to each other and inscribed in the golden spiral.

àureo agg. [from lat. aureus] the golden attribute referring to a concept that in the Renaissance Era was the basis of an ideal of aesthetic perfection: according to this concept, the relationship between a segment and its golden section would be the perfect ratio of proportionality for natural objects and for the human body itself, prompting its use in architecture and art.