The entire Gibellini Design experience is fully customizable in materials, colors and finishes, making your design object and furniture unique and translating your choices into pure emotions.

An essential feature of the Elica collection is sinuosity: it represents the propulsion system of vehicles that move in a fluid and expresses the maximum functionality of human ingenuity in the pursuit of a dream, the journey.

Soft and elegant lines, just like those created by propeller that cuts through a fluid, be it air or water.

èlica (ant. èlice) s. f. [from lat. helix -ĭcis, gr. ἑλίκη and ἕλιξ -ικος «spiral, volute», from the theme of ἑλίσσομαι «to turn, turn»]. – 1. Line drawn on a cylindrical or conical surface, which cuts the respective generatrixes under a constant angle. Propeller means of ships and aircraft, and element of turbines, pumps and aeromotors: it consists of a hub and two or more radial blades, symmetrical with respect to the axis of the hub. Able to rotate around a vertical axis, it can push in any direction and act not only as a propeller but also as a rudder.