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The research for a unique style and geometric perfectionism aimed at the very essence of aesthetics, combined with functionality, are the founding pillars ​​on which Gibellini Design is built.

Harmonious and clean designs, minimalist lines and refined and precious raw materials aimed selected to accentuate both the stylistic and design elements of the brand.

All Gibellini Design products are proudly made in Modena, Italy: Motor Valley’s beating heart.


Our modern and futuristic approach is enhanced by passion, experience and a continuous research for innovation. We use VR viewers and the most cutting edges technologies throughout the design and production phases, delivering an almost tactile and sensorial experience of our own objects whilst maintaining our philosophy rooted to the primordial nature of the raw materials our designs are made of.



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    Linea Derive

    Derive è la linea di debutto di Gibellini Design e si ispira alla leggerezza ed alla funzionalità tipiche del mondo nautico.

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    Linea Bitte

    Fortemente ispirata al mondo nautico la linea Bitte prende forma dal concetto di Resistenza: le bitte ancorano le navi ai moli dei porti o le cime a bordo.

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    Linea Elica

    Caratteristica essenziale della linea Elica è la sinuosità: rappresenta il sistema di propulsione dei mezzi che si muovono in un fluido.

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    Linea Phi

    Razionalismo e Proporzione sono gli elementi della linea Phi, costituita da elementi geometrici proporzionali fra loro ed inscritti nella spirale aurea.

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    Collection Derive

    Derive is Gibellini Design’s debut collection, strongly inspired the the lightness and functionality typical of the nautical world.

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    Collection Bitte

    Strongly inspired by the nautical world, the Bitte collection takes shape from the concept of Resistance: in the nautical world, ‘bitte’ are those elements anchoring boats and ships to docks.

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    Collection Elica

    An essential feature of the Elica collection is its sinuosity: it represents the propulsion system of vehicles that move in a fluid and expresses the maximum functionality of human ingenuity in the pursuit of a dream: the journey.

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    Collection Phi

    Rationalism and Proportion are the characteristic elements of the Phi collection, made up of geometric elements proportional to each other and inscribed in the golden spiral.